Genuine, original FARMEX® farm tank



Choose the best. The FARMEX® farm tanks have been designed for long-term use in the demanding Finnish weather conditions and offer a safe solution for fuel storage. A FARMEX® tank is a responsible and professional choice that will serve you for years with proper maintenance, thus securing your investments.



Due to the Teknodur Combi 3420 two-component coating, the mechanical and UV resistance of our FARMEX® steel tanks are among the best in the market. Phosphating with Kiilto Clean is used to provide unparalleled corrosion-resistance.



All FARMEX® tanks are delivered with extensive standard equipment. The provided equipment includes an overfill protection device, a metal Camlock filler cap (cam lever coupling), an oil level gauge, a FARMEX® pump connection, and a suction pipe with an anti-siphon valve and sieve.



A containment basin is a general environmental requirement, and its use is mandatory in groundwater catchment areas. The FARMEX containment basin has a high-quality construction, and it allows for the tank to be lifted off the basin for maintenance. Both the bottom of the tank and the internal surface of the basin are painted. Holes for the fastening bolts are located on the rain cover elements, thus separating them from the basin. The construction comprising the containment basin and the rain covers is a highly durable and reliable solution and differs significantly from permanently welded double-shell tanks.



Farm tanks and solutions for agriculture 


The durable FARMEX® farm tanks offer an extensive range of equipment as standard and are available in various volumes ranging from 1,450 liters up to 10,000 liters.


  • Steel and polyethylene PROMEX tanks with a volume of less than 1,000 liters for IBC and worksite transportation
  • Steel and polyethylene FARMEX® tanks with a volume of 1,450–10,000 liters for storage
  • Steel and polyethylene IBC tanks with a volume of 1,000–3,000 liters
  • 15–100 m³ project-specific steel storage tanks for all liquids