FARMEX transport tanks


PROMEX transport tanks

Professional PROMEX tanks for successful site refueling.

Why to choose PROMEX transportable tanks?

Farmex offers diverse solutions fot the fuel oil transportation as well as for the storage for petrol oil. With our transportable tanks transportation of the fuel oil will be successful and according to the regulations. We can add any equipment according to customers needs.

All Promex IBC tanks are equipped with highly qualified containment basin and the eaves. Promex containment basin is the best and longest lasting solution for the end users, it’s sustainable, easy to maintain and if necessary to repair.

All Farmex IBC tanks are exepted by VTT, we sell tanks to our customers controlled and with all necessary documents. Farmtools Ltd. is an accepted by Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency TUKES controlling service.


Promex products are suitable for many purposes

Promex IBC tanks are approved for the fuel oil transportation by the general road as well as for the storage in the ground water areas. Farmex tanks are suitable for all transportational needs, needs ADR permission if volume is more than 1000l.

Promex IBC tanks:

Promex – 10 less than 1000l, Promex  – 15 less than 1500l, Promex – 20 less than 2000l, Promex – 30 less than 3000l.

Always as standard equipment:

  • Promex containment basin
  • Stabilizing wall/WALLS
  • Suction pipe
  • Safety valve
  • Overfilling protection


  • Equipment choice: manual pump or battery pump equipped
  • Containment basin, sturdy
  • Also suitable for the storage in the undground water area
  • Is changable between sites
  • tanks IBC are excepted by VTT
  • We sell our products to our costumers controlled according to the regulations and with all necessary documents
  • Tanks are necessary to be controlled every 2.5 years according to ADR -standards.

PROMEX carriages are suitable to be used in petrol oil transportation when changing sites.

  • Types: Promex carriage less than 1000l without containment basin and Promex carriage 1000l with containment basin and the eaves.
  • Promex carriage with containment basin is suitable for use if worksite is in the underground water area.

It’s necessary to pay attension to the regulations and instructions of TUKES. It’s possible to drive transportable tanks as an additional force for the machines when changing sites. Ministery’s requlations.

PROMEX Pick Up 445l tanks are designed for professional use as well as for the everyday refueling needs. Promex Pick Up 445 tanks are removable to the rough terrain. 2 pieces of stabilizing walls allow more stable driving.

  • Promex Pick Up 445 l tanks equipped with the lift handles, Promex Pick Up 445 l tanks equipped with the lifting loops.
  • Tank for the professional use
  • Lifting handles or lifting loops
  • Equipped with manual pump or without
  • Stabilizing walls 2 pieces
  • Colour: blue or grey
  • Take to the pallet or to the van
  • Suitable for transportation, no ADR premission or periodic control requirements.