FARMEX containment basin and supplimentary


FARMEX containment basin is the unique equipment for the tanks to be able to meet the requirementsin ground water area. Sturdy eaves prevent the containment basin from the possible collision, the containment basin is removable for the maintenance and control.

Models with the FARMEX containment basin is the best solution for the fuel oil storage in the farms and ground water areas. All transportable  FARMEX IBC tanks are already aquipped with the containment basin.

Contructions of the containment basin and FARMEX eaves

  • Sizes of the containment basin and eaves: width + 30 cm, lenght + 30 cm
  • The containment basin is fixed with the eaves by bolts. The tank can be easily controlled in case of some damage to the basin would occure by opening the fixing bolts of the containment basin
  • Underside of the tank and inside of the containment basin is painted bringing more quality and long lasting to the product


All works with the tank must be accomplished when it is empty, bolts must be opened and tank can be taken off with the help of lifting hooks. It is necessary to check regularly the condition of the tank and containment basin. Fulfilling regular control you ensure good condition of the tank longer.