Farmtools  Ltd was established 1980s by Pertti Ratia. Career started from the manufacturing of tools, stern lights and import of products. Since 2010  daughter Johanna Ratia is continuing the business.

Storage tanks are manufactured in the factory in Ylihärmä already since 1952 under the name Ylihärmän Koneteollisuus Oy and later Viiskone Oy. Pertti Ratia became an owner of the former company Viiskone Oy. Ylihärmä and Ostrobotnia had a plenty of tank manufacturers earlier, tank manufacturing as well as steel industry has a long tradition in this area. Farmtools has developed repairing service for tanks in 1992, it’s established under the guidance of the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency’s regulations.’s. It’s an unique repairing 10 steps programme that has been successfully serving finnish farmers  over 20 years. Reparing containers is an environmental solution for the safe fuel storage.